Business Strategy Mapping


Take three groups of people and have them each assemble the exact same jigsaw puzzle:

The first group with the puzzle pieces face down,

The second group with the puzzle pieces face up,

The third group with the puzzle pieces face up and with a      copy of the puzzle box lid.

As each group completes the puzzle, which group is going to be happier, faster, and more productive?

The group with the puzzle box lid.

This book will help you see the puzzle box lid for your company and the puzzle box lids for your competitors as well.

With a superior strategy, small companies can overthrow larger ones. With a superior strategy, large companies can maintain leadership positions.

Some say that strategy is just a weak substitute for leadership, and leadership is more of an art. History has taught us that leadership without a strategy can be like playing around with a loaded gun. At times it works well, but sometimes someone gets hurt.

This book and the Kring Strategy Mapping (KSM) outlined within it can give you a better feel for how your efforts need to come together into a balanced strategy to help guide you to where you need to be.